Games of Thrones Both TV Series and Video Games

Games of Thrones probably are one of the best fantasy drama TV series in the entire world. It was the most talked about in the entire internet and in media. Games of Thrones have never out of displaying excitement to all viewers with all the characters actions. From season 1 down the season 6 still showing the best fantasy series and still able to allure millions of people watching throughout the world and even thrilled for the coming of the newest season 7 this coming July. Before people heard that season 6 might be the last season and the end of the series for everyone.

Everyone felt so sad about the news because they wanted to see more of the show and they thought it will be really the last of it however they extend the series maybe because of everyone’s request to extend the season. Most people like to see list of TV series because of the actors. Well for the Games of Thrones, the best chosen favorite actor for a lot of people is Jon Snow played by Kit Harrington.

Is it because of Jon Snow’s character? Or it is because of the actor having played it very well. Well for me it could be both; Kit Harrington had just portrayed perfectly the Jon Snow and even for the rest of the characters like Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and a many more to mention. Kudos to all the actors who have remained the best in acting and have excellently able to act each role because of them they made it whole series entertaining and eye-catching.

Games of Thrones are not only known for TV series but also in video gaming entertainment as well. Even in video games, Games of Thrones still they have such a great graphic display. Characters in both TV series and in video games are very much alike just like Jon Snow. Well, there is no doubt why the video game and the TV series are famous.

Getting ecstatic to play the game and even watching the whole new series. As a viewer and who loves to play video games it always gives me more pleasure to have Games of Thrones. It is very perfect for my free time and playtime. I mean it does gives me so much joy every time I see the episodes and if only the series will continue for lifetime.